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Zara’s Nikah February 2021 teasers: Ruskaar has finally managed to get Kabir to marry her again and Zara is missing with a lookalike lurking around…

Zee world Zara’s Nikah February teasers 2020.

Wednesday 3

Ruskharr deceive new Zara that leaving is the only option for her safety. Will Zara be wise enough to listen to her idea? New Zara left the kid with Ruksharr and tries leave the city. Kabir inform new Zara that the children’s parent are dead meanwhile Rukksharr lied to the children’s about going to meet Zara and abandoned them on the street. Meanwhile Ruksharr accuses new Zara of kidnapping the kids.

thursday 4

New Zara threaten Rukksharr with a knife and she quickly call her driver to return the kids.Rukksharr arrange with some people to pretend to be the kid’s uncle and aunty just to get rid of them and new Zara. Will her plan go through?

Kabir questions the so called uncle about the kid’s parent but they couldn’t answer. Shahbaz suggest to the head priest to give the children to the police and not new Zara. She threaten Shahbaz about knowing he has connection with Abid and will give it to the media.

friday 5 February 2020

Shahbaz suggest that the children’s should be with Irfan. Zara is arrested by the police bit Kabir bailed her out. One of the kid,.Firdous parent came for her but can’t take her as they are scared it will tarnish their reputation. New Zara get emotional at this.

Rukksharr plan with the inspector to prove that new Zara is dangerous for the kids. Azra postpone her wedding with Imran for be reluctant to help the kids.
Zara visited Shahbaz house with the kids and Ruksaar accuse Zara of stealing jewelries.

Saturday 6 February 2020

Rukksharr tries to make a scene accusing new Zara of stealing. Kabir and the kids defended her. Amaan prove that Zara is falsely accused. A woman wants to adopt only Ziad but Zara is against her separating Zaid from his siblings.

Zara plead Kabir to marry her on contract as that is the only option for them to adopt the kids. Kabir told her he can’t as he is not ready for any relationship. Shahbaz and Ruksaar are angry on hearing such fro new Zara. Will Kabir agree to the proposal?

Sunday 7 February 2020

Azra and Imran are getting married. They want to adopt the kids..Zara is happy but tries to stop them as it’s their wedding day. Kabir is angry with new Zara and blames her for making Azra and Imran make such huge decision in haste.

Imran announced the decision of adopting the kid but his father stood against it and cancelled the wedding. Kabir allege Zara for causing the marriage to fail and she promised to prove herself innocent.

Monday 8 February 2020

New Zara left the Irfan’s house. The kids are worried about her but Kabir pacify them. New Zara is hit by a car and rush to the hospital meanwhile Zeenat talk to Rukksharr to leave new Zara alone but she refuse. Zaid adopted parent are coming to pick him.

Salma got sick as new Zara is nowhere to be found. Rukksharr lied to the kids and lure them out of the house to go look for new Zara. Kabir is in the hospital but didn’t see new Zara. The kids follow flower as instructed by Rukksharrto look for new Zara.

Tuesday 9 February 2020

Kabir is looking for Zara.Salma fainted on hearing new Zara is missing.Rukksharr lied that the kids are asleep to Azra. Azra went to the bedroom and couldn’t find them. Everyone is worried looking for the kids. Irfan informed Kabir.

Rukksharr threaten Shahbaz to make Kabir marry her else she will leak the video of him killing Zara to the world.New Zara tries to escape from the hospital but Shahbaz nurse drug her. Kabir agrees to marry Rukksharr to be able to adopt the kids.Is he making the right decision? Rukksharr is happy Kabir will finally be her?

Wednesday 10 February 2020

Rukksharr get ready as the bride, she talk to Zara’s photo of finally getting her Kabir. New Zara escape from the hospital and rush to stop the wedding. Shahbaz nurse informed him of the escape. Kabir is inform about Zara state of health, he rush to see her and meet her outside the house. Will the wedding go through?

Kabir sign the adoption papers and marry Rukksharr. New Zara wakes up to hear this and refuse to accept. Irfan told new Zara to leave as Kabir will take care of the kids.
Zeenat advise Rukksharr to be kind to the kid as that’s the only way she could get close to Kabir. New Zara promise to keep tab on Ruksaar.

thursday 11 February 2020

Rukksharr shout at Firdous for ask for her doll. Zara sneak into the kids room to give Firdous her doll and Kabir caught her.Kabir scold Rukksharr for shouting at Firdous reminding her he only marry her because of them. Zara spend the night with the kids at Shahbaz house.

Rukksharr told new Zara to stay away from Kabir and the kids. Kashan offer to help Shahbaz with work but he turned him down that he can’t do what Kabir will do.
Zara warn Rukksharr that if she harm the children, she won’t spare her.
The kid met Rukksharr that they are hungry but she send them away. Rukksharr shouts at the children. Kabir caught her.

Friday 12 February 2020

Zara ask the kids to apologise to Rukksharr. Rukksharr gets a nanny for the kids. Hasina gives the children sleeping pills to make the sleep longer.
Zara brought a school registration form to Kabir for the kids but Rukksharr convince him to register them in a religious school.

Imran meet with Irfan to settle with Azra on the condition that she apologise to his father. Kabir teach the children how to pray. Kashan is angry that Shahbaz gives Kabir preferencial treatment. Kabir told Irfan the children are getting Islamic education.

Saturday 13 February 2021


Rukksharr get an Islamic teacher for the kids. Hasina gives the children spicy food and force them to eat it.Zara complain to Kabir about the way the children are been treated but he won’t listen. Hasina gave the children sleeping pills. Zahid is overdose and getting dizzy.

Shahbaz scold the children for messing up his room. Zaid faint and his rush to the hospital.Amaan show new Zara the video of Hasina mixing sleeping pills with the children’s food. Rukksharr break the camera to cover up her part of mistreating the children. Kabir ask new Zara to stay awhile with the kids.

Sunday 14 February 2021

Rukksharr put a poisonous snake in new Zara’s bag. Zeenat suggest to Shahbaz he can use the kids as a campaign strategy. Kabir insults and call new Zara an illiterate which hurt her feelings.

Shahbaz invited the media to make a public show with the kids as a campaign strategy. Rukksharr’s snake fell off from Zara’s bag while she was watching the kid. New Zara save Rukksharr by sucking out the poison thereby receiving thanks from everyone through the media. Kabir ask new Zara to stay and look after the kids.

Monday 15 February 2021

New Zara move to Kabir’s house. Kabir ask new Zara to make sure the kids wakes up on time for prayer. New Zara want to cook but she’s restricted as today is suppose to be Zara’s birthday and so no eating..Kabir visit Zara’s grave. New Zara thought she must visit Irfan and Salma to keep them company.

New Zara plans a surprise birthday party for Zara’s at his house. Amaan and the other kids plan to punish Rukksharr for always shouting on them. Rukksharr is locked in her room and she thought new Zara must have locked her in.

Tuesday 16 February 2021

Zara scold the children for locking her up. Kabir ask new Zara to watch the children’s action. Rukksharr tries to humiliate new Zara.Javed tries to harass new Zara but get serious beating from new Zara and Kabir.

Zeenat burn new Zara clothes. Kabir help new Zara feed the poor on the street. Salma gave new Zara her daughter’s diary. Kabir is surprise to hear new Zara read his wife poem. He wondered how she knows it.

Wednesday 17 February 2021


Kabir remand new Zara for not forcing the the girls to wear hijab. New Zara get a strange message on her phone. New Zara visit Irfan’s house with Kabir. Shahbaz ask Kabir to help talk to Irfan to get his followers vote for him. Firdous is injured.Who is the stranger stalking new Zara with a strange message?

Kabir say he will support Shahbaz at his campaign. Javed sneak into new Zara’s room. Zeenat and Ruksaar plan to make the children fail there exams. Zeenat locked new Zara in the room with Javed in the Zara is scared.

Thursday 18 February 2021

Rukksharr accuse new Zara of bring a man in the house but Kabir defended her. Rukksharr promise to deal with new Zara. Javed stalk and attack new Zara. She fainted.

Javed kidnapp new Zara. Kabir wondered where she could be.Javed tries to get close to new Zara and make a video of them.Kabir gets a message from new Zara but ignore it.

Friday 19 February 2021

Javed set new Zara on fire and started uploading their video. Kabir rescue new Zara from Javed. Javed is arrested. New Zara is falling I love with Kabir.

New Zara want to celebrate Zaid birthday but Kabir is against it. New Zara saw Old Zara bangle with a woman in the market, she wondered who it is. Rukksharr and Zeenat plan for the party.

Saturday 20 February 2021

Rukksharr made Zaid to stand with the poor kid during their birthday prayer.Kabir scold new Zara for organizing a birthday party against his wish and fired new Zara as the children caretaker. Zara is hurt.

New Zara went to apologise to Kabir but he ignores her. New Zara told Azra her feeling for Kabir. Shahbaz fainted on seeing new Zara wearing Zara’s Bangles. Everyone wondered why.

Sunday 21 February 2021

Shahbaz become tensed seeing new Zara with Zara’s bangle. He beg rukksharr to give him the evidence of him killing Zara but she refuse. New Zara get the number of the person who have Zara’s bangle. Rukksharr buried the evidence against Shahbaz.

New Zara begs Kabir for another chance and Kabir forgive her. Rukksharr is pained. New Zara broke her ankle because of Rukksharr and was placed on rest but she must go to Lucknow to find out about Zara. How will she go?

Monday 22 February 2021

Rukksharr deceive and gave Shahbaz a fake evidence and hid the real one . New Zara found out Zara was killed and wondered how to break the news to Kabir. She told Azra about it.

Ruksaar and Zeenat found out Azra was pretending to be new Zara. New Zara told Kabir about the real cause of his Zara’s death. Kabir get emotional broken. He clean Zara’s grave and promise to find and revenge her death. What will be his reaction if he finds out the person behind her death?

Wednesday 23 February 2021

As Kabir went out to look for the person who murder his Zara, Rukksharr challenge new Zara for always been around Kabir. Shahbaz won the election. Meanwhile new Zara found the keys to Rukksharr box containing evidence on how Zara was murdered. What the truth unfold soon?

Rukksharr seea Zara’s death report in Kabir room and quickly took the evidence box to Shahbaz room to save her head. New Zara found the box and open it with the key, she found the evidence. Kabir told Shahbaz that his Zara was murdered and Shahbaz became tense on how he found out.

Thursday 24 February 2021

Kabir found out his father killed Zara, he told Irfan and Salma about it. They are shocked and sad. Salma swore to get him punished. Meanwhile Shahbaz confess to Kashan and Zeenat and asked them to support him.

Irfan want to get revenge from Shahbaz but Kabir beg him to allow him get it himself. Zeenat fear for Rukksharr on the consequences she will face if Kabir find out she was involved in the murder. New Zara console and feed Kabir.

Friday 25 February 2021


Zeenat plan to help Shahbaz to save her sister. Kabir and new Zara went to file a compliant against Shahbaz but new Zara was arrested. Shahbaz accused Kabir to be mentally unstable and send him to a mental asylum.

Rukksharr took away the evidence from new Zara’s car and gave it to Shahbaz who burn it in Irfan and Salma’s presence. Kabir swore to get back at his father in 30 days. Kabir is shot at in the mental asylum.

Saturday 26 February 2021

A doctor injected Kabir on Shahbaz instructions to prove him mentally unstable. New Zara look for way to save Kabir. Rukksharr plan with Shahbaz against Kabir while Kabir was declared mentally unstable by the doctor. How will he get out of the situation?

New Zara takesIrfan and Salma to their daughter’s grave. She plan on how to rescue Kabir. Zeenat warn Rukksharr about helping Shahbaz as she might regret it later. Rukksharr paid a lawyer to meet with Kabir at the mental asylum meanwhile Azra, Salma and new Zara disguise as a nurse and mentally unstable people to save kabir. Salma spot Rukksharr and tells new Zara.

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